Bar None
All The Spirit Without The Spirits


Bar None was born out of a conversation among a few close friends and co-workers in the office. We were the ones who found ourselves at work dinners, house parties and Sunday Fundays wishing there was something a bit more interesting to drink when we didn't feel like boozin' it up.

Our reasons were varied, but we found ourselves chatting about not wanting to drink as often, or as much, as we had before. And it seemed like the only options for us to choose from were club soda and lime or a handful of non-alcoholic beers. When in a cocktail state of mind, we wanted something sippable, delightfully complex and interesting, and definitely not an overly sweet mocktail. Most of all, we wanted something that we could actually look forward to drinking when we're out and about together. Who ever felt that way about club soda and lime?

So we created Bar None.


Deliciously tangy, slightly indulgent (well, we think so), non-alcoholic yet crafted from bar-inspired recipes. All-natural flavors and sweetened only with unique juice blends or cane sugar

Ginger Mule

Spiced Ginger Mule

An invigorating blend of organic Kombucha and ginger juice finished with a splash of lime and ginseng

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Sparkling Sangria

Sparkling Sangria

A sophisticated blend of fruit-infused red grape juice with a hint of green tea

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Dry Cider

Dry Cider

A dry and refreshingly complex blend of natural fruit juices and apple cider vinegar

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We are a team of dedicated beverage enthusiasts that work in a small entrepreneurial business group within The Coca-Cola Company. That means Bar None meets rigorous quality and safety standards, and, yes, we've tapped a few industry veterans to help us get this big-little dream to market. But, it also means we're small, scrappy and ambitious —and you won't see us in a Big Game ad anytime soon.





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